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How To Start Your Own Swimwear Company

Enrique Sánchez-Rivera, CEO LA ISLA

As of today I can officially say that I have been in the swimwear business for 14 years. It has been a rewarding experience and one that has taught me many things but mostly it has given me the most incredible schooling in persistence. If that was a degree, I’d have a PhD in it by now, one that was earned with lots of sweat and tears. Unlike many apparel companies, mine was started with no investors and I had to bootstrap it every step of the way. It has not been easy and I hope that my experiences can help at least a few of you with your apparel venture. I look forward to telling you my own story on another opportunity since I know that my mistakes and successes will indeed help others in their journey. For now, I will highlight some steps which will help you get started in this exciting business. -> Read more

LAURA DEKKER, Maidentrip, La Isla

Like us, Laura is very excited to be a part of our sponsored athlete team and in her own words she describers her admiration for our company, “I love the fact that La Isla is socially-couscious and eco-friendly, more brands should be like that!”

Very few people have the courage that Laura Dekker has. At the very early age of 16 she broke the record to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe singlehanded. We learned about Laura after watching her award-winning documentary, “Maidentrip”. She immediately became an inspiration to us and we were determined to make her a part of LA ISLA, since she represents everything that our company stands for.

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Monica Dunford

I first learned about Monica Dunford because of her starring role in the documentary “Particle Fever”. She played a very important part in what was the biggest and most expensive experiment in the history of the world; no small feat! I was absolutely captivated by her love and passion for physics and for her insatiable desire for finding the elusive Higgs Boson particle, also described as the “god particle”, which potentially explained the origin of all matter.

Monica is an inspiration to all of us. We are excited to have her as part of our series of “Great Women Doing Great Things”. We will continue to follow her career and support her in her future scientific endeavors.  Join us in reading this fantastic Q&A we had with Monica and enjoy one of the great scientific minds of our time.

Enrique Sánchez-Rivera CEO/Founder LA ISLA

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We were intensely captivated by Waterstudio after seeing them featured on National Geographic Magazine. Their incredible innovation skills and clear understanding about the future of architecture and our planet was obvious and ever so present in all of their plans and their current work. From a partially submersed ecological tower to floating islands in the shape of stars, Koen Olthuis and his team are shaping up the future for a post-antarctic ice meltdown era.

These guys are building the floating cities of the future!  We hope you enjoy our interview with Koen Olthius from Waterstudio – he already is giving us ideas for a floating bikini fashion show!  Read away:

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