From our writer, Julio Ayerbe, comes this short but fantastic interview with Jake Smith (The White Buffalo).  We hope you enjoy it and become a White Buffalo fan just like us:

In early June  I had the opportunity to watch The White Buffalo live in Solana Beach, CA. The show was excellent and I got to ask him a few questions afterwards. It was an amazing experience.

I suspect that as many others l heard of The White Buffalo through Sons of Anarchy. The song Sweet Hereafter was all I needed  to become absolutely hooked on The White Buffalo. I am Colombian born and raised yet feel a very strong connection to his lyrics. There isn’t a readily apparent parallel in my life to the American west, tales of tortured relationships and war but they manage to connect with someone half a world away on a very sincere level.

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Erika Vikander Profile

We are SUPER excited to welcome Erika Vikander to the LA ISLA TEAM! Erika is one of the country’s top female snowboarders. Here are just a few of her accomplishments:

Awards and Accomplishments:

* Invited to MS Superpark
* 2nd in US Open qualifiers
* 16th in the US Open (with a broken tailbone)
* 1st place at Word on the Streets Rail Jam at Seven Springs
* 4th in the Aspen Open
* Top 20 Grand Prix and Dew Tour
* 2nd place Cholula Triple Air
* Multiple firsts at rail jams

Check out her blog @ http://www.erikavikander.blogspot.com/


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La Isla

We are excited to share with everyone our feature on swimwearwebsites.com.  John Cocozza and his team have done an incredibly thorough job of compiling a directory of the top swimwear companies in the world, by country.  We are excited to be part of their site and look forward to all the new developments from their development team!

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“You can sleep when you’re dead.” Coffee is a lifeline in more ways than one and nothing is better than a delicious cup of java. Today I had the pleasure of checking out a handful of the local coffee shops and coffee companies near La Isla’s US headquarters in San Luis Obispo and received some great insights into the local coffee culture. Many cups of coffee later and after having visited more than 5 coffee shops, I have no doubt anyone nearby or passing by SLO should check out La Isla’s two favorite local coffee shops, Coastal Peaks Roasters and Bello Mundo Cafe.  In our opinion there is no other place in town that tops these guys in coffee quality, locale and friendliness.

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Entrance to Adelaida

We couldn’t be luckier here at LA ISLA . . . our office has the optimal location, here in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, California, almost perfectly in between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The weather is outstanding 98% of the year and we have the most incredible mountains, hills, beaches and rocks (for rock climbing that is) within 8 to 15 minutes from our headquarters.  As if that wasn’t enough, we are only 30 minutes away from Paso Robles, which many consider the capital of the central coast wine region; which is the state’s largest!  The central valley stretches for over 300 miles and produces 75% of all California wine grapes.  Ahhh . . . what a treat.  Needles to say, our weekends scream “wine tasting” more often than not.

In a recent “discovery” trip to Paso Robles I ran into Adelaida Cellars which is located in west Paso Robles in the town of Adelaida (pop. 700).  I was so impressed by their wine and super friendly staff, that I decided to dedicate a blog post to them. → Read more


I first met Cedella Marley about seven years ago at her office in Miami. I was extremely impressed by her. Not only was she tremendously welcoming but her creative spirit was felt in every single corner of her design studio. I felt truly emotional about meeting her. On one hand, Cedella had been a real inspiration for me and all of us at La Isla. Her line Catch a Fire Clothing was in every single one of our closets! On the other hand, her father, the legend, Robert Nesta Marley, or Bob Marley as he is known to all of us, has been a hero of mine since I can remember. He changed my life with his lyrics and music and for that, I thank him.

Cedella, in all her kindness, granted us a short but sweet interview, which we share with you here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Enrique Sanchez-Rivera
Founder and CEO
La Isla Fashion Group, LLC

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